Why Sponsor?

The 2023 AfriSAFE is earmarked to be a 3-in-1 program comprising Capacity Development Conference, Exhibition and Awards. This event will attracts over 1000 guests from various industries across Africa. Your organization’s sponsorship of this noble cause will help us organize:

Capacity Development Conference which will be in the following forms –

  • Professional Development Conference (PCDC) for early-career and mid-level Health & Safety professionals. The PDC’s goal is to increase professional and personal development to achieve work-life balance through enhancing skills, inspiring innovation, and achieving/setting goals to improve the workplace.
  • This will be Alongside Capacity Development Conference on first aid, emergency response and ancillary training for public secondary and primary school teachers, care givers, paramilitary, bus parks / station officers and others who cannot afford such training. This conference will equip these critical and public-facing workers with the required training to save lives in times of emergency and will serve as the first line of defense against avoidable casualty and life-threatening injuries in emergency situations.
  • Awareness Campaign – Drive the ‘I am Safety ‘Campaign: an annual multimedia campaign that leverages the power of the traditional and new media channels to drive home the message of a safer environment. To address the threats posed by workplace accidents and unsafe environmental practices, we craft a theme that will resonate with the anticipated audience and help to achieve a mindset change towards safer practices.
  •  HSE scholarship programs: We encourage innovation among young people by supporting with a cash gift to support their innovation in any area of HSE and also sponsor HSE course to the tune of $3,500 to increase capacity development. With your sponsorship, we will be able to sustain and expand on this program.

Benefits of sponsoring AfriSAFE

When you sponsor AfriSAFE, you get to reach many more people than just those who attend on the day. Our event with the campaign is promoted over many months across a range of communications channels, including main stream media, email, direct marketing and social media, as part of an integrated marketing plan. As a sponsor, your name and logo will be used during these outreach campaigns maximising brand visibility.

The Awards have a high-quality audience of top-level executives, which sponsors get a unique opportunity to connect with. Sponsors can engage one-on-one with key decision makers relevant to their business. This is an opportunity to get right in front of your target market and reach numerous people who are interested in your products and services.

Your brand will be seen throughout the AfriSAFE event and sponsorship will make it easier for attendees that are keen to learn more about your business to come and find you. Sponsors will of course benefit from brand recognition at the event itself, but most of the brand exposure happens beforehand, as the event is being marketed. So, get more ‘bang for your buck’ by taking advantage of long lead-time marketing by securing a sponsorship opportunity early on.

The Society will form a positive opinion of your business when it is linked to AfriSAFE, which is an high-profile, prestigious event. The association with AfriSAFE will enhance your business reputation as being responsibility to the health, safety and well-being of the society and improve the way you are perceived.

Attending in person as a sponsor gives you a privileged chance to learn more about actual and potential customers and promote your products and services to them. Sponsoring AfriSAFE is a great way to generate quality leads because the event is attended by high level decision makers in relevant market sectors. Being an event sponsor also focuses a spotlight on you and your businesses, making it easier for opportunities to find you.

AfriSAFE generates a huge amount of publicity both locally and internationally. This is true not just in the days around the event, but in the months leading up to it, and afterwards. Sponsorship can help you generate a positive level of media coverage that might otherwise not have been available or would be extremely expensive if it were to be purchased.

The act of sponsoring AfriSAFE through an exclusive sponsorship is a significant way to differentiate yourself from competitors. Quite simply through being a sponsor at the Awards your name will stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

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Our Previous Sponsors/Supporters:


" We are honoured to attend this event which is well coordinated and a huge thank you to AfriSAFE for this great initiative. "
Neels Nortje
CEO, South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (SAIOSH)
" Very good and well organised event, Hybrid group is a glad sponsor of AfriSAFE. "
Dapo Omolade
CEO, Hybrid Group
" What an amazing event! First of it kind in Africa. I am certainly looking forward to the next one. Great work AfriSAFE. "
Funmi Adegbola
Founder, SOWSHE-Africa
" What a wonderful occasion, I feel honoured as the IOSH President to have been part of this fantastic event honouring of safety and safety professionals in Africa "
Jimmy Quinn​
Past IOSH President
" Well done AfriSAFE, great event. Glad I attended "
Oluyinka Okunubi
Deputy Director, National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency, Nigeria (NOSDRA)
" Well done AfriSAFE for such a successful event "
Dr. Elizabeth Nkumbula
Former Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer at Workers Compensation Fund Control Board, Zambia
" Great success, AfriSAFE is just awesome. Congrats to everyone "
The National Occupational Safety & Health Agency (NOSHA), Cameroon
" Great one AfriSAFE, it was just beyond words, congratulations all. "
Soji Olalokun
President, World Safety Organization, Nigeria
" Thanks to all the Judges and the core organizers, this is a remarkable event "
James Adenuga
Group Lead, Health and Safety, Dangote Industries
" Thank you all, it was a great pleasure being part of AfriSAFE awards,really nice. "
Dr. Tee Mac Omatshola ISELI