Please kindly ensure you have carefully read the criteria before making a nomination. The criteria are different for each category. For further questions, visit the FAQ link.

1. AfriSAFE Lifetime Achievement Award is the most prestigious award and this is given to an individual. The award recognises individuals across Africa, who have devoted a significant part of their working life to advancing the cause of health and safety in Africa, and whose specific achievements have clearly benefited many people regionally or nationally.

Candidates must have had a evidential impact in the industry that resulted in the improvement of Health & Safety.

 Who is eligible for this award?

Top safety professionals or practitioners including academia with over 17 years of work experience can be nominated.

Please Note: Lifetime Achievement Award is not applicable for individuals early in their careers.

2. AfriSAFE Merit Award recognises employers that have implemented novel ideas and strategies in the workplaces to ensure the prevention, management, and containment of COVID-19.

This is open to all organisations, whether corporate, government or not for profit. This should be evidence based. Entries are welcome from all over Africa.

3. AfriSAFE Young Innovator Award recognises young individuals that have created innovative inventions to address the unique challenges presented by COVID-19 in their environment.

Their submissions must be original and not be alterations to patents held by others.

The Winner gets a cash price to support his / her innovation.

Who is eligible for this award?

Any young person or collaborative effort from across Africa by young persons of not more than 25 years of Age

4. AfriSAFE Campaign Of The Year Award recognises the organization that has run the most effective public campaign on Covid-19 Safety Awareness.

5. AfriSAFE CSR Of The Year Award recognises an organization whose corporate social responsibility had the greatest impact in promoting health safety and wellbeing including response in the areas of Covid-19 palliatives

6. AfriSAFE Torch Bearers Award recognize individuals (under 40) who are dedicated to continuous improvement in safety or raised awareness through various health and safety initiatives thereby impacting their world of contact 

To be considered for this award, the individual must have also implemented innovative Covid-19 initiatives in their world of contact

Who is eligible for this award?

Any individual under 40 years who has been at the fore front of promoting safety awareness via various means e.g community engagement, social media etc.

7. AfriSAFE Commendation Award recognises Professional bodies, group or team who has been at the fore front advocating safety awareness during the pandemic through knowledge sharing, webinars, collaborations, interventions etc

8. AfriSAFE Professional of the Year recognises persons with formal responsibility for health and safety; whose enthusiasm, knowledge and drive over the last 12 months has made substantial contribution to workplace safety. 

Who is eligible for this award?

Nominees for this category must be a safety professional

9. AfriSAFE CEOs Award recognises top executives that have displayed verifiable commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of staff and subordinates. This is in recognition of the pivotal place leadership commitment plays in the achievement of organizational HSE goals.

10. AfriSAFE Icon of The Year recognises Government leaders with the best response to the Covid-19 pandemic that has demonstrated outstanding commitment and impact in curtailing the spread of the pandemic.

11. AfriSAFE Community Heroes Award recognises individuals or teams who have demonstrated an outstanding act of bravery in saving lives and keeping people safe during the Pandemic; which without their intervention could have led to significant harm to others, damage to property or even loss of life.

Who is eligible for this award?

Any person/team which can include emergency responders or social workers who have distinguished themselves in community advocacy during the pandemic

12. AfriSAFE Legend Award recognizes African descent who had distinguished themselves and committed to the protection of people, property, resources, and the workplace/environment. It could be a business man, Head of Government Ministry, Agency or Parastatal or a celebrity who has made remarkable difference through unique initiatives in promoting health, safety and wellbeing.